This means a faculty that is accessible and who are actively involved in student’s professional and intellectual growth.

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  • This means a faculty that is accessible and who are actively involved in student’s professional and intellectual growth.

Harold’s army was able beat an army led by the last great Viking King-Harald Hardrada of Norway at Stamford Bridge, near York however, it was defeated by the army of William, Duke of Normandy (himself is a descendant of Scandinavian people who settled who settled in the northern part of France) within a few weeks. Another thought: A writer for The Weekly Standard recently (March 10, 1997) was critical of the effectiveness of National History Standards, using as his metric rod the widespread textbooks’ coverage of subjects that were identified with the standards, and in particular the notion of opening up the nation’s history to it’s "historical connection that is the result of European, African, and Native American peoples." In reality the writer reversed the sequence. The crowning of the as the king of England on Christmas Day in 1066, William was able to keep the crown in the face of other Danish threats. The requirements in United States were based on the standards for United States followed what was present in the latest textbooks, drawing on the latest research on historical topics.

The end in the Viking Age. It’s fascinating to reflect about what could have been the outcome in the absence of the guidelines, which would have lowered the barometric tension in the public space that is surrounded by news broadcasts and radio talk shows. Ten66’s events in England effectively ended the Viking Age.

Sure, historians, with their various perspectives about the history of times would’ve plenty to say on particular emphasises and interpretations contained in the original guidelines. At that point all Scandinavian kingdoms had become Christian and the remnants from Viking "culture" had been gradually integrated into the cultural traditions that was Christian Europe. In spite of the reviews by focus groups run in conjunction with both the AHA along with the OAH the guidelines could have been expected generate a broad range of opinions. The evidence of the Viking legacy are evident predominantly in the Scandinavian roots of some words and place-names of the regions where they settled which includes the northern regions of England, Scotland and Russia. The insanity of the attacks slowed this discussion. In Iceland the Vikings left a vast collection of literature, including the Icelandic epics, where they celebrated the most significant triumphs from their glorious history.

Now that the storm is over it is possible to all take part in a conversation that is less tense about the creation of standards for national use and what this involves. European History. Five Reasons Why You Should Learn Art History. The advantages that are a part of The strengths of the European historical program offered at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill include a distinguished faculty, a diverse curriculum, an openness to new methods of research as well as a lively and collaborative intellectual environment, and an impressive array of research tools. The art history field is more than just a collection of sculptures and paintings created by people who lived long in the past.

Faculty members lead an exciting and challenging academic program that builds on the foundation of excellence in the fields of Medieval as well as Early Modern History, French History, English History, Italian and Mediterranean History, and German and Central European history. (See our distinct field guide on Russian as well as East European history.) The scope and depth of the faculty create an intellectual community that is capable of reaching "critical mass" in the field of European political gender, social, cultural as well as economic. It’s a live, breathing program of study that can enrich the quality of your existence in ways that you could never imagine. In the same way, having these distinct areas of expertise also provides opportunities for fostering interactions between disciplines and can lead to the creation of distinct clusters of expertise that extend beyond within the European field. Here are five reasons to take up art history.

Graduate Program. 1. This European historical program stands out by its eagerness of students and faculty to investigate innovative methods of studying the history of culture as well as gender and the study of comparative history. It provides a comprehensive look at the world. The willingness to explore new methods is further bolstered by a dedication to a rigorous and solid instruction in the advancement of traditional writing and research abilities. A fun quiz for you to take What is the length of time you think it will take to complete an deep study of anthropology, sociology, literature, history and theology, chemistry, geometry and engineering, physics, the military and politics? 10 years, if you took two double majors?

Longer? The two excellent research libraries at UNC Chapel Hill as well as Duke University, with extensive special collections that span across English local histories up to Napoleonic print up to National Socialism and German Unification provide a wide and incredibly valuable resource for students pursuing graduate studies. Although you can take the time to study each of these subjects an ongoing study, that studying art history encompasses each of these areas. Additionally, colloquia for faculty and students and regular seminars that are interdisciplinary as well as the Center for European Studies provide additional opportunities for academic discussion. When you study art history, you’ve offered yourself a chance to learn about the humanities, history and politics , and even STEM subjects. The European history department is extremely proud of the achievements that its students have achieved as graduate.

Students who study studies in art and art history in a college art program can earn a bachelor’s degree within four years. Because of an admissions process that is highly selective the department can fund an impressive percentage of students who are graduate. However, it is possible to pursue an individual study of art historyas well. Equally important is the creation of a welcoming and encouraging environment for students to pursue their studies. Although we do teach art history in our mastery program , we also encourage our students to study art history throughout the course of their life.

This means a faculty that is accessible and who are actively involved in student’s professional and intellectual growth. The significance of art history is not overstated. The close collaboration between students and faculty has its expression in the successes of our graduates who have received grants and awards like Bundeskanzler, Chateaubriand, and Fulbright and in the outstanding placement record that graduates of the European history program. It provides artists with a base not just in art, but also in life and all that is a part of life. For more information about the European field comprehensive exams for graduate students, refer to the Graduate Student Handbook.

2. For a current list of faculty working in the Field of European History, please go to the Faculty Page and click "European History" in the Interests/Concentrations tab. Art History Allows Us to make connections with the past. For a current list of graduate students working in the Field of European History, please go to the Graduate Students page and click "European History" in the Interests/Concentrations tab. It may seem obvious considering that art history is, well, the study of history, however, studying history and feeling a sense of connection to it can be two distinct things. If you research art history and art history, you discover the reason why certain paintings, such as Caravaggio’s are dark is because they were intended to be seen in darkness. A brief history of Online Shopping. A piece published in Salon informs us of at the time the paintings of antiquity were created in the dark, there were no electric lights.

Short description online shopping can be described as the next phase of retailing that is quickly developing in the current essay. The paintings were seen by people, such as Caravaggio’s by light or by candlelight. But online shopping didn’t develop overnight. If you view artwork in a setting that’s more similar to the setting that the artwork was made, you establish a relationship to history in a much different manner than simply studying the artwork in a book. Certain innovations contributed to its development. 3. These are the foundations of history which make shopping on the internet the most simple form of shopping. It helps us to be able to see ourselves to the present.

Find out more here. The University of the People tells us how studying art history can benefit our current society. Before we look into the background of the internet, it’s crucial to realize that what we have today is only possible because of the past. The world is now visual. To fully grasp the benefits that online stores hold in the present world, it is necessary to take a step back until the moment it was first introduced and flourished. Everybody has a cellphone or tablet computer, and these devices are full of images that are shared via phones as well as video games and films.

What exactly is online shopping? How was it created and what was the reason for its current popularity? Understanding how to process images is likely become more crucial as images begin to and will continue to replace text as the main method of communication. What exactly is Online Shopping? Through studying the history of art and art history, you will understand the ways that art tools, such as cameras, interact with the rest of society. Simply put it is an unique type of commerce via electronic technology (known as online shopping) that connects consumers and sellers across all corners of the internet through the aid of a browser on the web. Learn the role images play in society, and how you can be part of the discussion.

It is now not unusual to see online stores offering an array of goods together with pictures, specifications, features and prices to potential buyers.

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